Hugs, Hope, and Peanut Butter 
 Finding Light Behind the Clouds   

                                                             Illustrated by sick children

Need a Laughter Break?  Then this award winning book is for you!

Even Phyllis Diller thinks so!

Diller, recognized as the world's leading female comic, sent a hand-written note to author Marsha Jordan after reading her book. The legendary queen of comedy says Hugs, Hope, and Peanut Butter is "totally charming."

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Mail  checks to: 

P.O. Box 56
Harshaw, WI 54529

See the funny side of life - mishaps and all, 
Discover the healing power of humor, 
View problems with a new perspective,
Examine why bad things happen to good people 
Learn the author's ten tips for fighting depression
Be encouraged to move forward with determination and a smile

Chapter titles include:
 "Limburger Attitude" 
"Is Broccoli Hazardous?" 
"Life in the Manure Pile." 

This book won't enable you to pull a freight train with your teeth, 
but it might help you FEEL as if you could!

In Erma Bombeck style, the author combines hope with humor to share hilarious accounts of everyday life from in-laws, car accidents and a day in the emergency room, to wild bears, pet pigs, and aging without grace. 

Thank you  to Jada Press for caring and for
producing this book as a gift to  sick children. 


All profits donated to the
Hugs and Hope Foundation

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