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Please don't send kids' mail to our office Inspiration



Contact Information

Please do NOT send packages of cards or gifts
to our home office!

We do not forward gifts to the children. 
They will be returned to you unopened. 

You MUST send your mail directly to individual children.
 For addresses, click



These people generously volunteer many hours of their time
to HUGS and HOPE.  Please do NOT add  them
to your address book and take up their time
with forwards and junk mail.


Sorry, this program has been suspended due to lack of leadership, manpower, or funds. 

We hope to bring it back someday.  If you're interested in helping to accomplish that, please contact hugsandhope@gmail.com

The Balloon Coordinator keeps track of which of our club kids are hospitalized and she coordinates volunteers to make sure that each child receives a balloon bouquet while they are recovering.  If you know of a child who is hospitalized, please let Jan know.  And if you'd like to volunteer to send a balloon bouquet to one of our club kids, email


 Sorry, this program has been suspended due to lack of leadership, manpower, or funds. 


Sorry, this program has been suspended due to lack of leadership, manpower, or funds. 


Suzie has created a Word file with addresses of all our active kids and a few of the graduates who still appreciate receiving happy mail. You can use the Word file or the PDF file to print addresses onto sheets of labels. The latest address labels file and guidelines for printing up labels can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/hugsandhopeaddresslabelsfile/


Parents, if your address changes, please let Suzie know by emailing happymail4kids@gmail.com


      The coordinator matches volunteer "pals" with parents of our sick club kids.  These Parent Pals stay in close contact with their assigned parent, sending encouragement via email and snail mail or maybe even telephone calls.  The purpose of this project is to give each new parent a close friend they can count on when they're going through a rough time and feeling discouraged.  

The parents of our sick club kids are under the special strain of caring for an ill child, along with all the other responsibilities of raising a family. Many of our kids have single parents, which in many cases, increases this strain. Even the strongest of us need a 'Pal' we can rely on. 

As a Parent Pal, you can be a very valuable resource and support to your parent. Your involvement with your parent doesn't have to be elaborate, just consistent and reliable.  Email  hugshopeparentpals@yahoo.com for more information.


Peg sends parents the necessary forms to have their child added to our site.  It's her job to see that parents send us all the materials we need, such as letters from doctors, photos of the child, etc.  To submit a child to HUGS and HOPE, email Peg at webster52@charter.net


Parents: Please send brief updates about your child's health by using the form on this web page: www.hugsandhope.org/updatepage.htm  

If you have questions, 
you may email HugsAndHopeParent-owner@yahoogroups.com

Questions?  Ask The Answer Lady, Mary



Author of Hugs, Hope, and Peanut Butter:

If no one on this list can help you, you may email Marsha , founder of HUGS and HOPE.  Please keep in mind that she receives hundreds of emails each day; so if any of our volunteers can help you, please email them first.  

*NOTE* Be sure to remove the word NOSPAM from the email address when you paste it into your mail message. We do that to keep web spiders from harvesting our address for mailing lists. Feel free to drop us a personal message, but please keep us off any lists or any mailings that you are sending to others. Thank you.
 IMPORTANT: Please do NOT send packages of cards to our office
Please mail individual envelopes to each specific child. 
Addresses are provided for each of our kids so they can receive
your happy mail directly from you to their mail box. 

Send some joy to a sick child! Mail

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